About Maxine

I am a keen amateur photographer. I have no problem taking 200-300 pictures at any one time, a lot of which get binned. But that seems to happen a little less now despite getting fussier over what to keep!
Both my husband and i enjoy hopping in the car and exploring with our cameras. Poor Richard had to buy me another decent camera because he seldom got to hold the Sony H1! Now we both go mad and have lots of fun.
I am a nurse, and have also spent 9 years landscape gardening. I love art of all kinds, and can sculpt and paint and am generally creative.
Joining Aminus has given me great insight into other amateur photographers work and lives and I have learned a lot already, but am sure to learn more. Thanks to all.

Photography Equipment

Canon EOS 5D mark 3 i have a telephoto lens (100-400L lens) also.
I use Lightroom,Photoshop and post workshop to edit. i also have a polaroid lense to help combat our harsh sunlight.